Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

Many people worry about their hurricane preparedness and what will happen if it becomes necessary to evacuate. While most natural disasters are not survivable, the good news is that you can prepare for and avoid them and know that when a storm does come you have a safe place to stay and food, water, and shelter.

storm preparedness

Storm preparedness is not only to protect your family and yourself, but also to prepare for other hazards that could endanger you. First, you need to determine if there is any damage or flooding in your area. If there is, check to see if there is a way to get to safety from it. Whether you can evacuate your home, or not, is another issue.

Before your trip, decide what you will need for emergency preparedness materials. You can get many ready-made items from stores and online stores. You may also want to purchase books and other reading material to help with your hurricane preparedness.

Try to check the weather forecast for the next couple of days to see if you can adjust the plan to fit your situation. For example, if you are headed into a hurricane and want to prepare for a Category 3 storm, a plan may have to be changed to include preparations for a Category 4 storm. This can save your family’s life, so it is always best to have an extra set of eyes monitoring the weather.

When you are preparing for emergency preparedness, be sure that all of your necessities, especially food, water, and a fire kit, are in place. It is always best to have as much food as possible, with enough water for your family. Also, bring some form of shelter to prevent the possibility of rain causing a flood. Be sure to store any supplies, such as canned goods, in sealed containers.

Youmay want to create a basic hurricane preparation checklist and take it with you when you are traveling. Having an overview of everything that needs to be taken care of before you leave, can make your trip a bit easier. A checklist can save you time, money, and aggravation in the event of disaster.

Storm preparedness goes beyond just planning ahead. It includes a disaster plan, which is designed to help you deal with any emergency situations you might face while out in the open.