Three Important Tips For Coaching Employees on Storm Drills

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Three Important Tips For Coaching Employees on Storm Drills

We all know that most businesses use storm drills. This is a normal way of ensuring that employees are updated on what the situation may be. If you do not have regular exercise or training sessions, it is a good idea to incorporate this into your employee’s lives and put the best practices in place. A storm drill can be an important tool for all of these.

Most individuals are not comfortable with the thought of being caught unprepared during a storm. Many employers should plan ahead for a storm by setting up some important training or exercise schedules. In this way, you can address any issues that will arise and ensure that you are prepared.

Storm drills should be used as a test of emergency preparedness. It is also a great opportunity to build relationships within the organization. Always have some sort of exercise or meeting ready for your employees. If possible, discuss storm scenarios with the employees and show them the dangers they may face during an impending storm.

A storm drill should focus on building relationships within the company. This can be done by going to lunch together or having lunch together with coworkers. If there is going to be a group exercise, take the opportunity to practice disaster drills.

Jotting down information is another great way to make sure everyone is aware of the drill. Try to gather names of employees that may need to evacuate in case of a storm. Also, put names of people that may need some sort of shelter for the night. When the meeting is over, make sure everyone has their notes and is aware of what transpired.

By making sure everyone is prepared for a storm drill, it is also a good opportunity to have fun! Most people love outdoor activities and getting together to practice is a great way to do something fun. Remember to include employees that are new to the company and have limited experience in storm drills.

Go out and have some fun and help out the employees that might need it. Make sure that everyone knows what is expected before the storm hits. If you do not know the cause of the storm, mention this so everyone knows what they need to do and what is expected of them.

Always remember to go out and have a fun session with your employees. Have the group meet outside. It is much easier to tackle storm drills this way. It does not matter if you have a large group of employees, a smaller group or a bunch of kids.