The Importance of Fire Education in a Home

Fire education is the most important aspect of surviving a house fire. It should be taught to every child before they can walk, and possibly before they can talk. Fire safety should be considered as one of the fundamental laws in life, a state which the future is determined by.

Fire classes should be given in schools around the world. Fire units, ambulance trucks, fire fighters, fire drills, fire blankets, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, etc. are some of the things that can be used to create an awareness in the minds of children.

These should also include fire hazard signs, this is needed as these signs should not only be used in schools but in any place in which there are children present. This should be done to avoid accidents that could have been avoided with better fire safety education. Besides building and operating fires, safety training should also be given for all adults, since you never know when a child will accidentally stumble upon something harmful.

When children are taught these basic safety rules, they should know how to stop a fire without causing damage to the building. Fire extinguishers should be handy so that every adult can use them to put out fires as soon as they start. They should also be kept in close proximity to fire escape stairs so that they can easily be used in case of emergency. Even the slightest mistake with these appliances could lead to a major disaster, so they should be well maintained.

Fire extinguishers are not something new. They have been around for a long time and they need only a little maintenance. Water canisters are not used so much as they were in the past, as there is hardly any fire risk at all with a few pounds of water being used. It is always recommended to use water sparingly and to use it in accordance with the instructions on the bottle.

Safe storage of fire extinguishers is another aspect of fire safety that children should be aware of. Fire extinguishers should be stored in places where children cannot reach them, and they should never be used on their own. Children may not be aware of the danger of letting a fire begin by accident, so be extra careful if you have children in your home. Children may also play with fire extinguishers.

There are plenty of safe ways to store extinguishers too. One can keep them in drawers, closets, cupboards, metal boxes, or in sealed plastic containers which can be kept away from children. A self-extinguishing liquid extinguisher, or a container that has a self-extinguishing feature, should always be kept nearby in case of emergencies.

Fire safety is a vital matter, which should be considered for every child from birth. Children should be able to develop good principles of life and take part in peaceful, healthy and happy lives, by knowing and learning about fire safety.