Hurricane Safety

hurricane safety

Hurricane Safety

What is Hurricane Safety? That is the question many people ask.

In most cases, Hurricane Safety is a requirement in all homes that are built before 2020. Homes and structures that were built before this time must be installed with sturdy safety features that protect those who live in them from the dangers of a hurricane. These include hurricane shutters, hurricane shut offs, hurricane seals, and hurricane shut down valves.

If you are considering buying a home and are not familiar with these measures, it is best to have them installed. Do not wait until the time comes to have them repaired or redone because it can be expensive and you may find that there is nothing to do to correct them. The best option is to have them installed as soon as possible.

Some people fear that if they get a hurricane preparedness kit, that the entire house will have to be shut down, especially during the stormy weather season. This is not true. Many of the basic components of a hurricane safety kit can be purchased separately and they do not have to be shut down for any length of time.

Hurricane safety should be considered in every day living. A week or two before you begin to use your home, you should make sure that there are hurricane shutters on all windows and doors. You should also get a thorough inspection done and have the basement and crawl space inspected for damage and leaks.

For a few months leading up to a hurricane, you can be very comfortable in your home without shutting it down completely. While you should be protected and ready for a storm, a hurricane can still occur when you least expect it.

Hurricane safety is important in every aspect of your life. Your house should be able to withstand high winds, damage from water and moisture, flooding, and a large number of other factors that come along with a storm. If you have a hurricane preparedness kit, you can be more confident that your home will hold up when a storm hits.

Hurricane safety is not optional. It is a requirement and a way to ensure that your family is prepared for anything that can happen. Remember, with Hurricane Safety comes Protection!