Hurricane Safety For the Homeowner

hurricane safety

Hurricane Safety For the Homeowner

You need to take hurricane safety very seriously, as it is one of the most important things that you can do as a property owner. It has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with your own health and safety. In order to be safe, it will take a few simple things to do that will keep you away from danger and prevent the damage from getting worse.

Hurricane safety begins with installing windows and doors. Your windows and doors will protect you from the wind and water. Keep in mind that your home is not an island. The furniture, windows, doors, and roof are all attached to the main structure of your home, which means that if you have things blown over or damaged, your home could potentially collapse. You should always consider the hurricane, storm surge, and flooding when planning the look and feel of your home.

Hurricane safety also starts with doors and windows. You want them to be as strong as possible, to ensure that they can take the force of the hurricane winds and keep them from closing on you. Your window frames, sills, and screens should all be able to withstand severe hurricane force winds. Doors should be properly insulated and well secured.

Another great way to help keep hurricane safety in your home is to make sure that you have power. It will help you through the storm and keep you safe from flying debris and damaging objects. It will also keep your home heated. You will have electrical outlets in every room and area of your home to help keep you warm during the storm.

Air conditioning is also a great way to protect yourself during a storm. As the cold air that rises out of the ground moves across the outside of your home, the heat can also be trapped. This can save you a lot of money on heating bills, as well as helping you stay comfortable. Consider purchasing an air conditioning unit, or a portable unit.

If you have a boat, you should consider taking it to your home and leaving it there. There is no sense in risking your life by trying to navigate a storm, when you can rest assured that you will be safe. If you decide to go, make sure that you use sails, or other kind of equipment that will protect you from the wind and rain. Many boats today come with automatic weather shields, so this should not be a problem.

Another option is to hire a private storm chaser to come out and look for storm drains. If you see a storm drain that you need to cross, get the truck moving. Remember that the best storm shelter is the storm drain, so use that to your advantage.

These are just a few tips to help you keep your hurricane safety. A storm can damage your home, but it can also cause you harm. Be safe, and use these tips to keep your home safe.