Hurricane History

Hurricane history is very important for people living in or near the path of a hurricane. The chances of being impacted greatly depends on where you live. It is especially the case with hurricane preparations in Florida. There are lessons to be learned from past hurricanes as well as from other natural disasters.

hurricane history

Hurricanes are part of nature and they are most likely to occur every three to ten years. The reason for their frequency is very simple. The warm waters from the ocean combine with air currents. If you are on the coast, you can look at the weather map and see that a large part of the continent is covered by the ocean. All of the land that remains in contact with the ocean during hurricanes has become a hurricane after the storm passes.

Hurricanes are not only produced by the wind but by the force of the waves. These waves can be over seven feet tall. They can also be as strong as a category three hurricane, if they grow even stronger. These high waves that are produced can be devastating to life and property.

Hurricanes, just like tornadoes, are triggered by deep storms which have gone ashore. They were, in earlier days, too difficult to predict or forecast. The meteorologists of those days could predict the weather only up to a few days in advance. There were some areas where no hurricane predictions were even possible.

Hurricanes are the direct result of the weather patterns of the last few months. If heavy rain falls over the Gulf, the ocean water can expand. When the water expands, it is a pressure system that is formed. This pressure system can bring about a severe thunderstorm and the result is a severe storm. When the weather patterns over a region change, this is the time when a hurricane is formed. Sometimes, the intense winds of a hurricane can actually cause damage. If you live close to the path of a hurricane, the danger can be greater than if you lived far away from the region. Because of the wide area of the ocean, there is an increased chance of being hit by a hurricane. Hurricane history shows that almost any location where the land is very flat can be targeted for hurricanes.

Hurricane history also shows that all regions of the United States have experienced hurricanes at some point. Today, hurricanes can easily destroy the entire coastline of the United States. Knowing the history of hurricanes will help you prepare for a possible hurricane and help you decide where to live and plan your hurricane evacuation plans.