Storm Shelters For Protection From Hurricane Winds

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Storm Shelters For Protection From Hurricane Winds

Storm preparedness is important for your home. While hurricanes can destroy many homes and small businesses, a well planned storm shelter can be the only thing standing between you and potentially disaster. There are some basic things that should be included in this shelter plan.

Many people underestimate the value of storm shelters for those who live in areas that are prone to severe weather. A hurricane can cause catastrophic damage to your property, often leaving a hole, storm damage, or flooding. While these effects can last for weeks and even months, a storm shelter can provide you with the protection you need.

The best hurricane shelter is one that is built to withstand winds of up to 80 mph. You may choose to have a permanent structure constructed, or you may choose to rent out or borrow the shelter for your own personal use. To be sure that you will survive a storm shelter, you should take all the necessary precautions before you construct it. This includes first making sure that the surrounding area is cleared, and that your home or business does not have water or debris blocking the entrances to the shelter.

If you do choose to build a shelter, you will need to hire an engineer to perform a wind and weather study on your location. While hurricanes and tornadoes can cause extensive damage, and all are capable of blowing structures over completely, they are also capable of causing gusts to gust up to 100 mph, even higher in high winds. These gusts can quickly tear down your home or small business and could cause serious injury.

It is important to protect yourself from the rising air when you build the shelter. You will need to install weather strips, doors and windows, and a roof.

Of course, having a storm shelter does not guarantee safety from the storm. Most are simply not strong enough to withstand the force of a hurricane. You will need to have the proper supplies at your shelter, such as drinking water, food, and medications. While you can take a few days off work, you will need to do this to keep from losing your home, as well as your life.

With a storm shelter, you can protect yourself and your family from terrible, life-threatening circumstances. You should seriously consider building a shelter for your home, business, or any other structure, to ensure that you are prepared if any terrible weather strikes.