HEWS, Humanitarian Early Warning Service

A Service of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee SWG on Preparedness


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What is HEWS API?

The HEWS API is a set of web tools that allows other systems, to get information from HEWS database.

Who can use it?

Everyone can use HEWS API! There are some limitations due to the beta status of the tool, but we are working to remove these limits.

Getting Started!

First of all you need to register (see the form on the right) and obtain a user key.

Then, with your user key, you can start to build your query-url, specifing one or more than one of the following parameters:

So for example, if you want to get a GeoRSS for all the Earthquake in Afghanistan from the 1st of May 2011 to the 1st of June 2012 you have to use:



The API is still in beta and you can encounter in some error. We apologize for this. Also, at the moment we set a limitation of 200 calls for each user. We hope to remove this limit as soon as possible.

HEWS - A global multi-hazard watch service to support Humanitarian Preparedness
Developed and maintained by the World Food Programme

Technical Partners

  • TRMM
  • Darthmouth Flood Observatory
  • USGS
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • EM-DAT
  • ReliefWeb
  • FAO Locust Watch

Tools and social networks

IASC SWG Members

  • WFP
  • Oxfam Intenational
  • World Vision International
  • CARE International
  • IOM
  • WMO
  • FAO
  • WHO
  • IFRC
  • ICRC
  • OCHA
  • UNDP