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Serbia Flood Update

Publish Date:17 May 2020
Related Hazard(s):n.a.
Related Countri(es):World

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Summary: The Sava River continues to be of greatest concern as it is currently at extreme levels and expected to be so through 19 May. Although significant rains are not expected through 19 May, water will continue to flow downstream, and river levels will remain elevated along the Sava River through at least 22 May. Weather Forecast for Serbia from 17 May to 20 - No anomalous rains are expected through 20 May. Light showers will still be possible on 17 and 18 of May but should not contribute to river levels or impede any response.

Current River ConditionsSummary: According the Republic of Serbia Hydrometeorological Service, River levels are currently at the greatest levels along the Sava River and are considered to be at
- Extreme hydrological events and conditions: Sava River
- Very significant water stage rise: Mlava, Kolubara Rivers
- Significant water stage rise: Drina, Velika Mrava, Zapadna Morava, Juzna Morava, Toplica, Jablanica I Veternica, Timok
- http://www.meteoalarm.rs/eng/hidro_alarm.php
Forecast Conditions – Rivers on May 19Summary: Expected conditions on 19 May
- Extreme hydrological events and conditions: Sava River
- Significant water stage rise: Kolubara sa Pritokama, Velika Morava, Mlava

Sources: Serbia

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